13 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! This is the last week of your first trimester and your baby is about the size of a pea pod.

13 weeks pregnant

Entering the 2nd trimester generally means that pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue are wearing off…you’re almost there!

Thirteen Weeks Pregnant

Your little pea pod is very busy! Your baby spends a lot of time flexing it’s muscles, as they develop and mature. The gall bladder, pancreas, and thyroid have developed and the kidneys are producing urine. The baby will experience bouts of hiccups, but they do not cause discomfort, they are essential for strengthening the baby’s diaphragm.

Another exciting thing is happening, your baby’s facial features are totally formed. If you could see your baby inside the womb, you would see distinct characteristics.

On the tiny fingertips, fingerprints have formed. The skin is still very thin and translucent, and veins and organs are visible through the skin. One more amazing thing, if you’re having a girl, all of the eggs in her ovaries have formed…over 2 million of them!

How You Are Changing

In addition to feeling better, your risk of miscarriage will lower significantly in the second trimester and you’re only one week away! While morning sickness and fatigue will subside, you will begin to have more energy and many women notice an increase in their sex drive.

Because your uterus is continuing to grow, you should be able to feel it just above your pelvic bone. Some women begin experiencing round ligament pain, or pain in lower abdomen, when getting up or shifting positions. This is generally normal unless it is accompanied by fever or bleeding.

Your growing uterus also means an expanding waist. As of this week, you will likely see a noticeable difference with your belly!

You’ll start noticing too that your breasts are changing as you may begin producing colostrum. Colostrum is the precursor to breast milk and is generally pale yellow and thick. You may leak from time to time, which may be slightly annoying but is just another normal pregnancy symptom.

Prenatal Diet and Exercise

As you’re getting ready to move into the second trimester, you will want to think about taking advantage of your new-found energy. Swimming, walking and prenatal pilates or yoga, are great ways to aid in boosting your energy and overall fitness while pregnant.

Continue regularly taking your prenatal vitamin but remember that it is only to help fill in the gaps of your diet, not to replace healthy eating. For instance, you need more calcium everyday than what is in your vitamin. In addition, you need fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables to help with digestion.