14 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to the second trimester! At 14 weeks pregnant, your growing baby is the size of a nectarine.

14 weeks pregnant

Amazing things continue to happen as you move into the second trimester of your pregnancy. Your baby is growing at a rapid rate. By the end of this week, your little nectarine will probably be able to suck it’s thumb!

Fourteen Weeks Pregnant

Your little baby starts being able to suck it’s thumb, make faces and pee. The kidneys are producing urine, so when your baby pees, it adds to the amniotic fluid.

The lanugo, or super fine hair, is starting to grow all over the tiny body. The liver is producing bile now, the spleen starts aiding in the process of making red blood cells and the pancreas begins producing insulin.

How You Are Changing

Generally, around 14 weeks, the not-so-nice pregnancy symptoms like fatigue and morning sickness begin to subside. The moodiness begins going away too and you will probably feel healthy and energetic and your sex drive may improve.

It’s a good idea to use this new found energy to your advantage. Try getting into a balanced workout routine of walking, swimming, prenatal pilates, or prenatal yoga. You may want to find a prenatal exercise class to join.

Since the top of your uterus now sits a little above your pubic bone, you may notice your tummy pushing out. Having a visible sign that you are pregnant is such a thrilling experience for both you and your partner.