16 Weeks Pregnant

In week 16 of your pregnancy, your baby is the size of an avocado and you should start feeling movement soon!

16 weeks pregnant

You are are becoming more and more noticeably pregnant as your little avocado grows and your womb moves up and out of your pelvis!

Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

Over the next few weeks, your baby will grow rapidly and will double in both weight and size. All of your baby’s physical features are becoming more and more defined. Even though no hair is visible, the patterning of the scalp has started. In addition, the toenails are forming.

Inside your baby’s body, a lot is happening too. For instance, the heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood every day and as your baby grows and develops, the amount of blood increases too. The skeleton continues to develop as the bones turn from rubbery cartilage to hard bone.

The umbilical cord is fully mature now, as it has one vein and two arteries. If you could peek inside your womb, you might find your baby giving the umbilical cord a tug. It is a great time for your baby, as there is plenty of room to move about. You may be starting to feel the movements!

How You Are Changing

In addition to feeling these tiny movements, you may be getting ready to have your ultrasound to find out the gender of your baby! The majority of expecting parents choose to find out. But there are pros to waiting too.

The ultrasound is usually scheduled between 16 and 20 weeks. Don’t be disappointed though if the ultrasound tech cannot determine the sex the first time. Many baby’s like to hide or keep their legs crossed, and this mean the technician can’t get a clear picture.

Your uterus has about a cup of amniotic fluid in it, so it will feel firm. Between the extra fluid and blood in your body, the placenta and enlarged breasts, you should be gradually gaining weight. In fact it is important that you do; it is normal to gain about a pound a week.

In addition to checking your weight, blood pressure and urine, your doctor may suggest an ultrasound to check for genetic defects, and this appointment usually coincides with finding out the sex.