17 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is growing rapidly. At Week 17 of your pregnancy, your baby is the size of a pear!

17 weeks pregnant

Your baby is busy growing. Soft cartilage is changing to bone and your baby is the size of a pear, about 5 ounces.

Seventeen Weeks Pregnant

Your little pear is beginning to get plump! The sweat glands are also developed, enabling your little one to cool his or her self once they enter the world. The soft cartilage is turning to bone, although they will stay soft enough to push through the birth canal during delivery. The umbilical cord continues to get stronger and thicker.

The soft swirls of hair, lanugo, cover the whole body. Your baby is very comfortable now, as there is plenty of room to move about. And that is just what your little one is doing. You may soon feel these movements, if you haven’t already!

How You Are Changing

Your breasts are continuing to grow and may be painful or sensitive. Women in their second trimester vary in the way their breasts feel. Some never get relief from the soreness, while others experience a period of reprieve.

You may notice that your center of gravity is changing, it’s due to your growing belly. This may make you feel a little off balance. Wearing low heeled shoes will reduce your chances of falling or tripping. Trauma to your abdomen would be dangerous for your developing baby.

For the last couple of weeks you may have noticed your expanding waistline, but soon your belly is really going to pop and everyone will tell you are pregnant. Get ready for all of the comments and looks when you’re at work or at the store.

You’ll start gaining about a pound a week. Your baby is growing and your uterus is expanding. There’s not exact rule for what you should gain, but gaining weight is important and your health care professional will watch it closely.