2 Weeks Pregnant

During week 2 of your pregnancy, your egg will be fertilized by your partner’s sperm.

It may seem strange, but at week 2 you’re still not pregnant. Near the end of this week is when the egg will be fertilized by the sperm.

Second Week of Pregnancy

Even though it is still many weeks until you find out what color you can paint your nursery, the gender of your baby is determined at the moment of fertilization. There are 46 chromosomes that make up a baby’s genetic material. However, there are only two that make up the sex of the baby and are known as the sex chromosomes. Every egg in a woman’s body has an X sex chromosome. It is the sperm that determines whether your baby will be a boy or a girl, because the sperm can have either X or Y. If the sperm that has an X chromosome fertilizes your egg, you will have a girl. If it has a Y, you will have a boy.

How You are Changing