Month: December 2016

Diagnosis Errors - Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer

Errors in Diagnosis can Lead to Birth Injuries

Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful experiences that can get ruined if the doctors-in-charge make diagnosis errors. While new parents look for the best care, medical errors in diagnosis can lead to debilitating birth injuries that can cause lifelong damage, physical...

/ December 31, 2016
Gestational Diabetes

Birth Injuries Related to Gestational Diabetes

Each year, thousands of American women are affected by gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes increases the risk of health complications for both the baby and the mother. There are a variety of ways available for treating this type of diabetes, however,...

/ December 22, 2016

Baby Development – When Will My Baby Start to Crawl?

Nothing is more exciting than watching your baby grow and develop into a little person. The moment your baby is born, he or she begins their journey of growing up. And while you may want your baby to stay little...

/ December 14, 2016
Birth injuries Chicago

Birth Injuries: Vaginal Birth Vs. Repeat C-Section

Childbirth, whether a vaginal birth or a C-section, can present some risks for both mother and baby. Every method presents its own risks and challenges, therefore it is essential for all doctors to analyze, diagnose and advise their patients on...

/ December 12, 2016
Baby teething

What is the Teething Timeline for Your Baby?

Each baby is different and develops at a different pace, so this is a rough outline of when your baby’s teeth will begin to appear. The process for getting teeth is pretty amazing! Before a baby is even born their...

/ December 6, 2016