23 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is starting to gain weight and in week 23, is the size of a papaya. Try to keep up with your prenatal exercise routine.

Week 23 pregnancy

By week 23, you may start to see your baby’s movements under your clothes. Now that the sense of movement is well-developed, your baby can certainly feel you move.

23 Weeks Pregnant

If you are having a boy, the testicles are starting to descend from his abdomen to the groin. If you’re having a girl, her uterus and ovaries are developed. Your baby is proportionately shaped like a newborn, although the skin is still thin and the eyes still lack pigment.

From this week on, your baby will start significant weight gain and should double in size over the next 4 weeks alone. Once the fat is deposited into the body, the skin will be less transparent.

In the lungs, blood vessels are developing that will prepare your baby to breath. Loud noises that the baby is exposed to in the womb, the dog barking or the vacuum running, will be familiar to your baby once born.

How You Are Changing

Your baby is busy gaining weight, and you will be too. While your weight gain is equally as important, try and keep up with your prenatal exercise routine. In the weeks to come you will find it will become harder to do so. If you have a routine already established, you are more like to stick with it into your third trimester.

Some women start experiencing swelling in their ankles and feet, especially if pregnant in the hot summer months. It could happen due to reduced circulation in your legs. After you give birth, your body will work to get rid of the extra fluid, or water weight, that you’ve retained. That is why you may pee more often and sweat a lot for a few days afterwards.

In the meantime, you may want to put your feet up when you can, stretch your legs out when sitting down, lay of your left side, and avoid sitting or standing in one place for a long period of time. Wearing support hose can help, as will drinking plenty of water and skipping caffeinated drinks.

Keep in mind that excessive swelling is a sign of preeclampsia, a serious condition characterized by high blood pressure. Therefore, if you experience sudden or severe swelling, contact your doctor at once.