25 Weeks Pregnant

At week 25, your baby weighs 1.5 pounds, the size of a large rutabaga, and is trading their lean look for some baby fat.

25 week fetus

The thin, wrinkled skin is smoothing out as your baby gains weight. As this happens, they will look more and more like a new born baby.

25 Weeks Pregnant

Your little rutabaga can do all kinds of things now. He or she can hold the umbilical cord, touch their feet, make a fist and suck their thumb. Your baby is also on a regular schedule of sleep.

The skin is becoming less transparent and is turning pink. The lungs are maturing, getting your baby closer to being able to take their first breath of air.

Up until now, your baby’s nostrils have been plugged up. But this week they are starting to open. This will allow them to take practice breaths through the nose.

How You Are Changing

While your baby is busy growing hair, you may notice that your own hair is fuller and shinier than it’s ever been before. Due to hormones, the hair that you normally lose is hanging on. Enjoy it now because all that extra hair will fall out in the months after giving birth.

While you’re still feeling pretty good, you may start noticing fatigue coming back. You may be also developing back, hip, and leg pain now. It is important to stay active, even when you feel this way. Be sure to avoid activities that are strenuous, but stick to things like swimming, yoga or walking. Staying active while pregnant, can help you recover faster after childbirth.

Getting Ready for Baby

It’s really never too soon to start preparing for your baby’s arrival. But while you’ve been thinking about baby names, furniture and clothes from the beginning, you may have procrastinated on actually getting any of these things started. Don’t worry, the closer you get, the more ready you will start to become.

No matter where you are in your planning and prepping, we can help you find out everything you need to prepare for your baby’s arrival.