26 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby weighs two pounds, about the size of a chuck roast, and will soon start feeling a little cramped as he or she continues to grow.

Week 26 pregnancy

This week your baby has reached a significant milestone in his or her hearing and vision. Your little chuck roast continues to put on baby fat and will soon be plump.

26 Weeks Pregnant

Yes, your baby is busy packing on the ounces! The lungs are still maturing, getting ready for when they are out of the womb and take their fist breath of air. They practice by breathing in and out small amounts of the amniotic fluid.

The eyelids are separating and your baby will start to open and clothes their eyes. Now that his or her hearing has become better developed, your baby can hear your voice. In the weeks to come, you may notice your baby jump when there is a sudden, loud noise.

How You Are Changing

Your growing belly may be starting to cause you discomfort. You may be having a difficult time finding a good position to sleep in. Your back may be hurting and the round ligament pain isn’t feeling any better either.

Remember, when you sleep do not lie on your back. Instead lay on your left side. Your liver is on your right, so lying on the left side keeps your uterus off that organ. Also, sleeping on your left side improves the circulation to your heart and provides better blood flow to your baby. You might also want to try putting a pillow between your knees and another under your belly, for support.