31 Weeks Pregnant

As you begin your eight month of pregnancy, your baby is about the size of a coconut and is gearing up for a growth spurt starting this week.

31 Weeks Pregnant

Your little coconut is actually going to start running out of room as he or she gains weight. Right now your baby weighs a little over 3 pounds and is about 16 inches long.

31 Weeks Pregnant

This week starts a growth spurt, which means that as your baby develops, you run out of breathing space. Their arms and legs and body are going to start plumping up. With growth comes stronger movements, so you’ll be feeling those strong kicks and punches. You’ll likely start seeing arms and legs move around in your tummy and will be able to feel your baby’s body when you touch your tummy too.

All of the 5 senses are maturing faster than ever. Trillions of connections are being made between individual nerve cells. While your baby can’t smell due to the amniotic fluid, the sense of smell has developed, making you one of the first things he or she breaths in the scent of.

Your baby is doing more than just moving, they are hiccuping, making faces, swallowing, moving their hands and feet, and sucking their thumb.

How You Are Changing

You’re feeling tired, partially due to a lack of sleep and partially from the effort it takes to grow a tiny human.

You may be experiencing Braxton Hicks, a type of contraction that is normal and happens to get your body ready for actual labor. They differ from true labor contractions becasue they’re irregular and are generally painless, although you’ll feel the tightening of your uterus. However, if these irregular contractions start happening 4 times in an hour, this could be a sign of preterm labor and you should contact your doctor or midwife.

Signs of true labor include vaginal discharge, or bloody show, abdominal pain or painful cramping, or low back pain.

Your breasts are busy making colostrum so you may notice some leaking. Simply use breast pads in your bra, you’ll need them after your baby is born too. You may also want to think about buying a nursing bra that is one cup larger than you currently wear. Once your milk comes in, your breasts will need more room.

You have likely been buying for your baby already, but make sure you start getting all of the things you’ll need. You and your baby will both need things, we can provide you with a comprehensive list.