32 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is as big as a Napa cabbage and if born this week, he or she would have an excellent chance of surviving without major complications.

32 Weeks Pregnant

Your little one now weighs about 3 3/4 pounds and is about 16.5 inches long. Your baby’s little world is shrinking as he or she grows.

32 Weeks Pregnant

As your baby gains weight, roughly a half pound a week, their living space starts to shrink. His or her fingernails, toenails and hair are there. The skin is soft and will get smooth as your baby plumps up. If your baby was born this week, the chance of survival without major complications is high.

In preparation for birth, your baby is practicing breathing motions. All of the five senses have matured. From now on until birth, your baby is just gaining weight while the lungs and a few other things mature.

How You Are Changing

As your baby gains weight, you’ll gain too. While some of it is due to your baby getting bigger, the other is fluid retention. You can evade some of it by avoiding foods that are high is sodium and from carbonated drinks. However, if you have sudden swelling in your face or hands, call you doctor as this could be symptoms of preeclampsia.

Your baby is likely putting more pressure on your organs as he or she grows. You will experience heartburn, shortness of breath, and incontinence as a result. While these things are uncomfortable, rest assure that they are all normal.

While it may seem that your due date will never arrive, just remember that time is actually going by quickly. With this in mind, you may still have a lot to buy, organize and do before your little bundle of joy gets here.

It’s a good idea to have your baby shower within the next week or so. You’ll want to have enough time to buy the things you didn’t get, figure out what you still need and return the things you realize you don’t.