40 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! You have a fully formed baby inside you and any day now you will hold your baby for the first time!

40 weeks Full Term

The final week of your pregnancy is here – how exciting! Any day now your baby will arrive. Make sure your bags are ready, the car seat is properly installed and you have all you need to receive your baby into the world.

40 Weeks Pregnant

Although your baby’s bones have spent a lot of time hardening, they are still relatively soft. The bones in the skull haven’t fused together yet and this allows the bones to slightly overlap as your baby squeezes through the birth canal. Some babies are born with a pointy head because it is “molded” as it fits through the smaller opening. While this is normal it is also temporary, so don’t be alarmed, your baby isn’t a cone-head.

Once your baby is born, he or she will be given what’s call an Apgar score. It is the very first test given to a newborn baby and will take place in the birthing room, right after the baby is delivered. It was designed as a quick way to evaluate a newborns physical condition and to determine if there’s a need for any emergency medical intervention.

While the test was named after the anesthesiologist that developed it, Virginia Apgar, it also became an acronym: Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, and Respiration.

  • Appearance – the newborns skin color
  • Pulse – the baby’s heart rate
  • Grimace – reflex response
  • Activity – muscle tone
  • Respiration – breathing rate and effort

Typically, the test is given 1 minute after birth and then again after 5 minutes.The possible score ranges from 1 to 10. The majority of healthy babies receive an initial score between 7 and 9. A perfect 10 is rare.

How You Are Changing

After months of anticipation and preparation, your due date is right around the corner. It is very likely that you will meet your baby this week!

You may feel frustrated though because you’re still pregnant. Some of your friends or family members, may have had their babies early and you were hoping you would too. Or it’s likely that you’ve just gotten so uncomfortable that you’re just fed up and wish your baby would hurry up and arrive.

Don’t despair if you end up going passed you due date which, for reasons not always understood, some women do. As long as your baby is thriving, your doctor won’t induce labor unless you get to 2 weeks passed your due date or some unforeseen risk for your baby develops.

Your doctor will schedule an NST, or nonstress test, to monitor fetal heart rate. A biophysical profile may also be done. This test is done by means of an ultrasound and looks at your baby’s movements, muscle tone, and the amount of amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby. An examination of your cervix will be done too.