9 Weeks Pregnant

During your 9th week of pregnancy, the heart is almost completely developed and your baby is about the size of a grape!

At 9 weeks pregnant

Your baby is starting to look more and more human. This week, your baby weights just a fraction of an ounce and is about the size of a grape. In addition, all of the body parts are there, although they have a lot of developing to do. The heart finishes dividing into it’s four chambers and the embryonic tail is totally gone. No more webbed fingers or toes!

Ninth Week of Pregnancy

Your baby is not considered an embryo anymore…it is a fetus. If you could see him or her, you would see more distinct facial features. While the external sex organs are there, it will still be a few weeks until they will be discernible on an ultrasound. The heart has already been beating for a few weeks, but now it should be strong enough to be picked up by a fetal doppler.

The placenta has developed enough to start taking over the critical job of producing the hormones needed. And now that all of your baby’s features and organs are in place, weight gain will begin.

How You Are Changing

You continue to change, physically and emotionally. The hormones that might be making you feel crappy, will also be making things better. For instance, your hair may start getting thicker and shinier. You may notice your fingernails starting to grow faster and healthier, partially due to increases in blood pressure and hormones but also because of your prenatal vitamins.

You will notice a difference in your boobs. They will feel bigger and fuller, although, to your partners dismay, may be really sore.

When is comes to sex, some women report that they are completely uninterested, while others are more interested than usual.

However, you may still be throwing up and feeling nauseous often. The good news that hormone level will start stabilizing soon and this should help you feel better.

Are you starting to show? Well, every woman is different. At 9 weeks, your uterus has doubled in size and the area under your belly button should feel firm. At this stage most women report that they feel thicker in the middle but that they don’t look pregnant.