A Utah mother is sharing a heart-stopping video of her toddlers narrowly escaping tragedy after a dresser toppled onto them, hoping to raise awareness about the importance of safely securing furniture.

The video, captured on home surveillance footage last Thursday morning, shows Kayli Shoff’s pajama-clad twin boys climbing onto a wide Ikea dresser in their room. As 2-year-old brothers Brock and Bowdy jump on the dresser and hang from its drawers, the furniture comes crashing down, pinning Brock’s entire body underneath and catching Bowdy’s feet.

Shoff said the boys had woken up early that morning. She estimated that up to seven minutes went by before she noticed the fallen dresser on the baby monitor. She ran to the boys’ room, not knowing if they were injured.

In those terrifying moments before she got there, the video shows Bowdy had managed to wriggle himself out — and eventually edge the dresser just enough to free Brock, too.

“If you watch the video, I think he stops for about eight to 10 seconds and kind of analyzes the situation: My brother’s crying, he’s hurting, how can I help him?” Shoff said.

The twin’s mother said she hadn’t heard the boys’ cries, a thud, or anything out of the ordinary coming from their room.

“And that was the weird thing, because I always hear them cry or scream. We also had family staying with us and their room was right above Brock and Bowdy’s room, and they didn’t hear anything either,” she added.

Shoff whisked both boys off to the pediatrician, where they were given a clean bill of health, she said.

The American Home Furnishings Alliance advises consumers to anchor all heavy furniture, not just the ones in children’s rooms, and to verify that furniture meets industry standards for maintaining stability.

And advocacy groups such as Charlie’s House offer childproofing safety checklists for parents to prevent tipping accidents or other tragedies around the home, including proper storage for cleaning products and how to block off fireplaces.

*Source: NBC News*

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