When is the right time to tell your family, friends, and boss that you’re pregnant?

When to announce pregnancy

There are so many decisions to make once you find out you’re pregnant, when to announce your pregnancy may be one of the first you and your partner make. If you’re wondering when the right time to tell everyone is, reading about these pros and cons may be helpful.

Announcing in Early Pregnancy

For many, it’s hard to wait with the exciting news. It may be unrealistic to keep the secret from family and friends. The advantage of announcing your pregnancy early on is that everyone can share in this exciting time.

When the early months of pregnancy can bring on fatigue, morning sickness, and exhaustion, trying to hide the reason behind these symptoms can bring on added stress. By telling family, friends and co-workers, they can be a source of comfort and support during the early and often uncomfortable first trimester. They can also be helpful if there are complications.

However, some expecting mothers may be at a higher risk of miscarriage due to certain health problems. When this is the case, some women opt to wait until the second trimester, when the are in the clear.

Waiting Until the Second Trimester

The risk of miscarriage drops significantly by the end of the first trimester, typically around 10 to 12 weeks. Many couples prefer to keep it quiet until they are more sure of a viable pregnancy.

On woman explains: “I got pregnant and announced it almost immediately to my family and everyone at work. But over a  weekend I miscarried. Going back to work, with everyone congratulating me, was so painful and sad.”

Her cautionary story may help you and your partner in your decision to wait, especially if you have any health risks.

However, a trivial reason for telling by the start of the second trimester is that many women are starting to show. You may be getting funny looks or comments about your poochy belly and this can be uncomfortable.

Announcing Late in the Game

While it’s not the most common choice, some women choose to announce that they are pregnant much later in their pregnancy, some waiting until the third trimester. This is generally easier when the news is being kept from someone you don’t see in person.

One reason some choose to keep quiet may be to avoid advice or criticism, especially if there are difficult relationships in the family.

Some want to keep it quiet at work as long as possible because they fear it will affect others taking them professionally. They may fear that there is a risk to even keeping their job.

Just remember, the longer you wait, the more obvious that you are pregnant it will become. Many will figure it out on their own and may wonder why you’re not announcing it. This can create tension with co-workers, but can especially be true with family and friends.

Everyone is Different

Only you and your partner know your situation. Different approaches work for different people and circumstances. So make sure you give it some careful consideration, discuss it with your partner and make sure you do what’s best for both of you.

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