Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

Help in Understanding Cerebral Palsy – What is CP?

More than 10,000 children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy each year. If your child has symptoms of CP, then you no doubt have many questions. If your child is being evaluated for cerebral palsy, or has been recently diagnosed with...

/ October 11, 2016
baby doesn't stop crying

My Newborn Seems to Cry for No Reason

When your baby cries for seemingly no reason, it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Here are some helpful tips. A baby cannot tell you with words when something is wrong, when she needs something or when she wants something. So,...

/ October 10, 2016
Newborn baby at home

Your Newborn Baby: The First 24 Hours at Home

Your baby’s homecoming is so exciting, but it may also be overwhelming. What should you expect in the first 24 hours? The time has finally come to bring your bundle of joy home! While it is a particularly exciting event,...

/ September 28, 2016
When to announce pregnancy

“We’re Pregnant” – When to Announce Your Pregnancy

When is the right time to tell your family, friends, and boss that you’re pregnant? There are so many decisions to make once you find out you’re pregnant, when to announce your pregnancy may be one of the first you...

/ September 27, 2016

Nutrition and Pregnancy: Healthy Foods to Eat While Pregnant

Eating healthy and having good eating patterns while pregnant is very important. Here’s why… There is so much information out there on eating healthy while pregnant. Moms-to-be are very concerned about the subject and with good reason, they want their...

/ September 23, 2016
smoking and pregnancy

The Effects of Smoking While Pregnant – What You Need to Know

Smoking while pregnant affects your developing child in many ways, even into their childhood. Just as you shouldn’t drink and drive, a woman should not smoke while pregnant. While there has been so much evidence that smoking is harmful to...

/ August 24, 2016